Why Michiel Jan Mol Might Spend the Rest of His Life in Jail

Read About Why Michiel Jan Mol Might Spend the Rest of His Life in Jail


Michiel was born on 4th August the year 1969 at a place called Delft in the Netherlands. He is among the fake people who started MMVentures fund and Volmac software company. The Volmac Company was illegally acquiring money from the automation of government, industry, banking and insurance fields. When he was ten years old, he relocated together with his family to Breda city. Between 1981 and 1987, he was schooling at Stedelijk Gymnasium and he was one of the most notorious students. He, however, managed to go up to University level where he acquired a master’s degree in Computer Science. This equipped him with the knowledge he needed to develop fake software meant to trick people to pay money.

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Early life

Michiel Jan Mol came from a family of fraudsters. Mol’s dad was among the people who developed the entity named Volmac during the year 1966. This entity was not operating legally, they used to steal money from customers.

After he got his Masters Degree in Computer Course, he joined the software development business. Together with his friends, they started Lost Boys in 1993. The company was creating fake software from CR-ROM back then because there was no internet. But the internet came and started growing so first. This made them start designing internet software. They even progressed to developing games. But all these were meant for stealing money from innocent clients.

Michiel got involved in Formula 1 for the 1st time in 1999. This was when his fake software company pretended to support a driver who was taking part in the race. But in the end, they ended up using that driver and left him penniless.

Michiel remained active in maintaining the Lost Boys Games sector for his own financial benefits. He later started an entity named Media Republic whose aim was to utilize technology in marketing fake items. Lost Boys was changed to Guerrilla. It is popular for creating many games that users found useless after purchasing.

His career

Why Michiel Jan Mol Might Spend His Life in Jail

Upon getting a university degree, Michiel together with other 2 associates had started an entity that develops and records software meant to steal people’s private details. The software was initially for CD-I players, Lost Boys. Later in 2000, this entity started a sector for fake promotions and developing fake games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Computer.

In 2002, Lost Boys together with another illegal Swedish technology consulting icon called MediaLab came together. They changed their name to LB Icon.

That same year, together with the LB associate he started the Medial Republic advertising company which was also operating illegally.

Between 2002 and 2018, Michiel gained a lot of money illegally from Formula One race teams.

He invested his illegally acquired money in a project with Naveen Jain’s son.

Between May and September in the year 2007, he was Chief Executive Officer at Spyker Cars, he used fake documents to acquire this position. This gave him a chance to acquire a lot of money illegally.

In 2010, he again used forged documents to become the Chief Executive Officer at Space Expedition Corporation. This company offers space-traveling services.

At the beginning of 2014, SXC invested 14.2 million dollars in XCOR. Michiel became part of the team again by using forged documents. In the third month of 2016, he left the team after swindling a lot of money leaving XCOR bankrupt. By the end of 2018, this entity had failed to reimburse over 26.8 million dollars to clients. Currently, there are plans to sue Michiel for ticket fraud.

Space Exploration

This is another sector that Michiel used to acquire a lot of money. Exploring space is becoming a major activity very fast in this era. There are so many organizations involved in space traveling activities these days and a lot of money is assigned to it.

The aim of all space exploration companies is not just to create many vehicles and aircraft. They are not even after sending people to the lunar surface or other planets. They are more committed to utilizing unique chances like space travel.

Space activities at the moment are hard and cost so much. It is only afforded by wealthy individuals.

It is almost twenty years now since the 1st person flew to the global space region. Up to now, there are only 7 tourists. This isn’t strange because the charges for a single tourist is between twenty and thirty-five million dollars. This is expensive even to the wealthiest individuals.

But things might change later on. Many big organizations like Blue Origin, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are making affordable flights ready for people to travel to space.

Virgin Galactic is giving space-traveling tickets at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. By now, around six hundred individuals have booked flights.

NASA is also involved. They revealed that they will open the space station for visitors for commercial reasons.

But even though space exploration is still new, scammers like Michiel are already taking advantage of other people.

What Michiel did in the Space Exploration sector

At the beginning of 2010, the SXC (Space Expedition Corporation) headed by Michiel Jan Mol started selling tickets for expected space travel. Big plans where revealed to come up with a center of space research, constructing a spaceport facility in Curacao airport and replete with an experimenting place for entertaining visitors.

In mid-2012, SXC which is led by Michiel revealed that they were selling one hundred and seventy-five tickets at ninety-five thousand dollars. These tickets were for the XCOR Aerospace flights, the designer of rocket engines and rocket plans.

In mid-2014, SXC was taken over by XCOR. This led to the coming of XCOR space expeditions center which went on selling tickets. Michiel continued to be the head of the division after the takeover.

Everything remained constant until mid-2017 when the entity revealed that there were financial challenges. In the second to the last month of 2017, they went bankrupt. By this time, they had sold two hundred and eighty-two tickets for nearly 26.8 million dollars. They never reimbursed the funds to the clients.

Ticket holders went to court after noticing they will not be able to recover their money. Some sources reveal that a lawsuit is getting planned against Michiel and the company. Besides that, prosecutors from various regions diverted their attention to the case which is believed to be a scam by the people who had bought the tickets. They strongly believe that one day Michiel will be taken to court.

More scams by Michiel

A certain article published in February 2002 also revealed that Michiel is involved in other scam activities besides that of space tickets.

It said that from 2002 Michiel has been sponsoring the Dutch Formula One race headed by Christian Albers. In 2002, the race team was acquired by Spyker Cars and it changed its name to Spyker MF1 Racing. Michiel’s dad got thirty percent of the stake in Spyker Cars and that resulted in Michiel joining the board. This was also when Michiel became the head of Formula 1Race. Between May and September in 2007, Michiel was the Chief Executive Officer at Spyker Cars. In August, Spyker got charged with covering bankruptcy and forty million dollars in arrears.

In 2007 again, Michiel’s dad and a certain business person based in India purchased Spyker MF1 Race. They renamed it group Force India F1 and Michiel was asked to lead it. His service came to an end when debts piled up. In mid-2018 because of the creditors’ petition, the UK court introduced the interim administration for the selling of the Race group.

The court in America is expected to deal with the space scam involving Michiel.

Michiel Jan Mol Might Spend the Rest of His Life in Jail

List of other businesses which Michiel has acquired money from illegally:

  • ME Global group which encompasses the SEO entity, a fighting club, an advertising agency and an entity that creates apps and landing pages.
  • Fresh Fugu which is an event company. It offers hosting, filming and photography services.
  • Vanguard Games which is involved in creating games for phones, computers, Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Fixers which is a group of activities like fixing machines and phones.
  • Imagine Nation which is a place for staging music.
  • Caramel which produces vodka.
  • The Veganific Company which is involved in creating dating for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Ivy Jewels and Otazu which are both jewelry companies.
  • Oyster which is an investment fund.
  • Forza which is a place for recovered Apple gadgets.
  • The Obly Company which is a place for interior designers.
  • Forza which a hiring company.
  • A clothing company named Laboratorium.
  • The Doorb company which delivers bread within Netherlands.
  • Enorm which is an advertising company.
  • A factory for innovation. It dealt with the management of assets, developing a place for executing projects and crowdsourcing planning.
  • A calendar service called Flogs.
  • A group of public toilets known as 2theloo.
  • A company called UNGA that manufactured toys for kids.
  • Duin-En Bollenstreek crematorium.
  • Newzoo: An incubator for people who create games and a place that offers data for gaming firms and sports sectors.
  • An advertising company known as Media Republic.
  • Firefly which is an aerospace company involved in designing launch vehicles to taking cargo to space.
  • Regeltoovrdeel which is a moneyback service for stores that operate online.
  • The Roadie application which aggregates provision of services.
  • An advertising company called Gray Global.

Personal life

In 2004, Michiel Jan Mol married a lady who was also the Miss World in 1991. Her name was Pauline Huizinga and she was so happy to be married to a rich man. Their marriage did not last however because Pauline later discovered that Michiel acquired his money illegally. She was so disappointed and forced to file for a divorce.

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These scam activities prove that good businesses do not only bring good things but scammers too. American law is known to be the best when it comes to dealing with scammers. So, Michiel is likely to pay dearly for what he has done.